Annabel Concept Engineering Company is one of the world's leading professional engineering consulting firm. We are dedicated to our local communities and propelled by international brainpower. We are technical experts and strategic planner advisory which includes engineers, technicians, scientists, architects, surveyors and environmental specialists, as well as other program designers and construction management professionals.

Our Understanding value of expertise, made us to employ our global pool of talent who understands our clients needs to solve their critical and complex problems which they face in our today's world. We seek to unravel complexity, create clarity and invent new value for your project(s), with a focus on technical excellence and quality clientele service.

In Annabel Concept Engineering Company, we have a strong team of talented engineers, technicians, scientists, architects, as well as environmental experts to provide you with the services you need.

We design lasting solutions in the Property & Building Industry, Transportation & Infrastructure, Environment (including Mining, Oil And Gas) . Power & Energy sectors, as well as project delivery and strategic consulting services.

We bring ideas to life to design a better future. By partnering with us we will use our innovation and expertise, with technological know how, to solve your complex problems. We Imagine what is implementable, we turn problems into solutions. We use our thinking to provide innovative solutions. Operating globally, our specialist skills backed by a global reach make's us the service provider of choice – whatever the challenge might be, we will deliver.