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Annabel Concept Engineering Company is one of the world's leading professional engineering consulting firm. We are dedicated to our local communities and propelled by international brainpower. We are technical experts and strategic planner advisory which includes engineers, technicians, scientists, architects, surveyors and environmental specialists, as well as other program designers and construction management professionals.

Our Understanding value of expertise, made us to employ our global pool of talent who understands our clients needs to solve their critical and complex problems which they face in our today's world. We seek to unravel complexity, create clarity and invent new value for your project(s), with a focus on technical excellence and quality clientele service.

In Annabel Concept Engineering Company, we have a strong team of talented engineers, technicians, scientists, architects, as well as environmental experts to provide you with the services you need.

We design lasting solutions in the Property & Building Industry, Transportation & Infrastructure, Environment (including Mining, Oil And Gas) . Power & Energy sectors, as well as project delivery and strategic consulting services.

We bring ideas to life to design a better future. By partnering with us we will use our innovation and expertise, with technological know how, to solve your complex problems. We Imagine what is implementable, we turn problems into solutions. We use our thinking to provide innovative solutions. Operating globally, our specialist skills backed by a global reach make's us the service provider of choice – whatever the challenge might be, we will deliver.



The construction industry contributes around one-tenth to the world's Gross Domestic Grwoth, This industry has a profound impact on our daily lives: Seven per cent of employment. The buildings we live and work in, the roads and bridges we drive on, the utility distributions systems we use, and the railways, airports and harbours we travel and trade from are all products of this vital industry.

Construction engineering Integrats mechanical engineering, Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) Concepts, Energy efficiency, etc. In each major decision which forms a project, through the design, construction, operation and decommissioning, offers an opportunity to demonstrate whole-life safty features and saving cost benefits.

Annabel Concept Engineering Company is a General Civil Engineering Construction Professional Service Firm; Kennedy Pratt, the company CEO explains the value of construction engineering and why using expertise for your construction project it's important when sourcing an engineering consultants to handle your project.

"A Professionsal Construction engineer looks at the capital cost of a project and determines whether the function and quality of the results will be equal to the perceived project value. It's a management approach that focuses on the benefits, payback and overall return on investment that a client will achieve instead of looking at different parts of a project in silos," says Engr Kennedy.

While it's easy and difficult to spot out in time the benefits and problems that would come in construction engineering project. Problems arises because expertise wasn't applied in a project. When construction engineering expertise is incorporated during the design and concept phase of a project, the consultants are able to thoroughly look at the life cycle cost of each project, and this type of analysis includes financial input, financial payback, Safty, And as well as environmental impacts.

"The rising cost of construction which is traced to the rising cost of energy, mechanical engineering, manpower has essentially aligned the financial and environmental benefits for many construction engineering-saving initiatives. With a valued construction engineering project expertise, you are saved, we will now able to create and design a project that will result in a true payback for you the client, but this approach needs to be implemented in the concept and design stages. The number of rated projects that Annabel Concept Engineering Company has worked on it's a testament to what is achievable when combining the efforts of construction engineering modelling software programs, mechanical engineering and civil engineering consultants experts early on, in a project," says Kennedy.

Annabel Concept Engineering Company a recognised leader in the use of a range of powerful Construction Engineering modelling software programs to optimise the performance of projects. The 3D modelling software takes every aspect of a project into consideration.

"Engineers and designers can improve their knowledge knowhow using the comfort of the 3D modelling software programs for external shading and fabric performance. It will help us make real changes to the excess cost consumption of the project by looking at the project skeleton as a whole.

It is important to get the right mix. Normally, the project shell, including insulation and glazing spec, is optimised to ensure high thermal comfort for clients.

"Annabel Concept Engineering Company has developed a number of calculation procedures that helps us to ensure 3D modelling is relevant in a modern day challenges facing general civil engineering construction projects, which is a unique value-adding benefit to our clients."
Real construction savings rest in the domin of engineering expertise.

Annabel Concept Engineering Company use of 3D modelling software, coupled with the in-house calculation methodologies that the company has developed for projects execution, this is a part of value engineering services that we offer our clients. The fact that the mechanical engineers and civil engineering sciences professionals are able to work together to find sustainable solutions is the thread that ties everything together in order to provide real value for our clients.

"The digital recreation of a proposed project isn't merely a placeholder or an estimate of what could potentially be achieved, it's a very accurate replica of how the project will operate and function once construction started," asserts Engr Kennedy Pratt.

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