Alfred Pratt

Alfred Pratt (born 13th February 1959) is a Seychellois entrepreneur, businessman and property developer, politician, activist, and trade union leader who had served as a Legislator in the Seychelles National Assembly. He was first elected in 2001 to represent the Grand' Anse Mahe Constituency and contesting for same position in 2004-2007 re-election before his assassination. Best known for building a business empire at then, in the mixed of Seychelles political crisis and uprising, despite the restrictions of the military to slow down his business and oppresses him, he was determined to develop and grow economically.

He was Born in Mahe, near Anse- about 20 km west of Victoria. Alfred, at the age of 24, then a teacher, took a job as a stock taker at a clothing outfit and subsequently won a promotion for both himself and his white manager. In gratitude, the manager sold to Alfred soiley clothing and offcuts, which Alfred later resold. With the capital acquired he attempted to open a clothing retailer in Victoria, but was blocked by the government by refusing to grant him the licence.

In the early 1980's, Alfred and his wife Annabel established the Double delight Hygienic Dairy(DD), which employed a fleet of boys on bicycles to deliver milk to customers around Mahe who had no access to electricity or refrigerator. By late 1980's the retail empire had grown to having several general stores, car dealerships and leasing properties.

During the early 1980's Alfred was a member of the Seychelles Urban development Council. He resigned in 1985, shortly after Gérard Hoarau, a prominent exiled opponent of Rene was shot and killed by an unidentified gunman on the doorstep of his London home. Hoareau's supporters and friends including Alfred claimed that the Seychelles Government were responsible for the shooting but this was denied by the then government and the murder case was never solved.

In 1990 he founded the Victoria Island & Urban property Holdings, which in 2008 was renamed by his wife Annabel, to a company known today as the Annabel Concept Engineering Company chaired by Annabel After the untimely death of her husband.

Most people consider Alfred's assassination to be politically motivated due to his political boldness and movement to facilitate a stronger opposition party to oppose the then marginalization political party in Seychelles, People's Progressive Front (SPPF). Supporters claimed that the Seychelles Government was responsible for the shooting but this murder case was denied too, no one has been arrested for the killing and the murder case was never concluded.

Alfred Pratt was an introvert, not much was known about his private life, He was married to Annabel Pratt, And they both has a Son Kennedy, all of whom were involved in the family business in various capacities. Alfred received a honorary Doctorate in Engineering from Rhodes University in 1996, an honorary Doctorate in Architecture from the University of Cape Town in 2001 AMD an honorary Doctorate from Rutgers University - Camden School of Business in 2002.