Managing Director/CEO
Kennedy Pratt

Kennedy Pratt is a Civil Engineer, architect and entrepreneur, who travels rounds the globe seeking business opportunities in sustainable developed Economy. He is also a Consultant with over 10 years of work experience and professional accreditation. He'd worked 12 years in various organizations prior to moving to the UK to pursue better career. Kennedy was born in Victoria, He is the only child to Late Engr Alfred and Annabel Pratt, the founders of the old Victoria Island & Urban property Holdings now; Annabel Concept Engineering Company, one of the world’s fast growing independent engineering company. Kennedy's father died when He was 21 years old, and He formed a close bond with His mother, who later pasted on in 2018. At age 16 Kennedy had joined one of His father's company Double delights Hygienic Dairy (DD) as an apprentice, mixing Dairy and labeling milk bottles.

Kennedy Pratt is a Seychellois, A heir to a business empire, and a businesswoman. He is the principal heir of Annabel Concept Engineering Company. Kennedy own 100% of Annabel Concept Engineering Company with an outstanding shares, shares which are effectively held in His trust funds.

At age 17 Kennedy enrolled in Polytechnic of Seychelles and graduated with a Bachelor's of Science with Honors in Civil Engineering and Architectural design. As an undergraduate, He won a coveted prize for Best Student Design. He obtained his Master's of Science in Engineering Management from The Nottingham Trent University in 2016-2017, earning the distinction of all-A average.

After graduating from Polytechnic of Seychelles, Kennedy was hired as an Assistant Architect at the then Victoria Island & Urban property Holdings; thereafter at Annabel Concept Engineering Company.

Kennedy founded his own small private architectural and interior design firm in 2011, A-Z Consulting. A-Z Consulting has been involved in the design and construction works of more than 70 percent projects taking by Annabel Concept Engineering Company, Projects which includes building of private residences, healthcare facilities, industrial campuses, corporate and financial institutions, Roads etc.

Kennedy has received several awards for His Architecture works and Philanthropist, including the International Alliance award of men making Difference. The Rare Gems 2012 Award, which was awarded by the men Optimum Development Foundation (MODEF) and the United Nations Information Freedom Art Center (UNIFAC), for His creativeness and several other awards.